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Kim Kardashian says she spoke to Donald Trump on the phone while she was naked

The White HouseKim Kardashian says she was naked when Donald Trump phoned her.She told Jimmy Kimmel that the US president called to tell her he had pardoned Alice Marie Johnson, a Tennessee woman who has spent 21 years in prison for a non-violent drug offence.Kardashian had been campaigning for Johnson's release.She called the 63-year-old woman to tell her the news — and was in the nude for that call, too.
Kim Kardashian is a fan of stripping off on camera — so it makes sense that she would be naked when the President called.The reality TV star, 37, revealed she was completely nude at a photoshoot when she received a phone call from Donald Trump informing her he had pardoned a Tennessee woman who had spent 21 years in prison for a non-violent drug offence.

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14 Predictions for the future of media

BIIThe media landscape is almost shifting more quickly than consumers can keep up.But certain trends have emerged that will carry the media industry into the future.For the past eight years, IGNITION, Business Insider’s flagship conference, has collected the best minds in media and technology to share what they see as the future. Through unscripted interviews, cutting-edge demos, and insights from industry pioneers, attendees learn what key trends to be aware of and what they need to do to stay ahead.

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Crock-Pot has made a $70 pressure cooker to go toe-to-toe with the popular Instant Pot, and it's pretty incredible

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.WalmartThe pressure cooker has been around for ages, but only in the last decade has Instant Potpopularized the electric pressure cooker.Mostly known for their slow cookers, Crock-Pot has entered the electric pressure cookermarket with their Express Crock Programmable Multi-Cooker.I especially appreciate how easy it makes a variety of healthy meals in one pot withoutdirtying several pots and pans.Though it isn't the most affordable electric pressure cooker available, the Crock-Pot ExpressCrock Programmable Multi-Cooker has a low price (currently $69 on Amazon) while providingmany of the same functions as much more expensive models.Not too long ago, I wrote an article comparing Instant Pots to Crock-Pots. I mentioned that both brands have dipped into the other's territory with Instant Pot making a slow cooker and Cr…

The actor who dated Ivanka Trump before Jared Kushner really, really doesn't want to talk about it

Eric Gaillard/Reuters/Win McNamee/Getty ImagesTopher Grace, the actor best known for his role in "That 70's Show," had a brief romance with Ivanka Trump in 2006.In a new interview with The Daily Beast, Topher confirmed that the couple went on dates but was reluctant to elaborate."Certainly it wasn’t a political statement," he said.The actor who dated Ivanka Trump before Jared Kushner doesn't seem to want to talk about it.Topher Grace, best known for his turn as Eric Foreman in hit Fox sitcom "That 70s Show," had a brief romance with Trump in 2006, when they were both 28.

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iPhone dual-SIM references discovered in latest iOS 12 beta

Rumors of a dual-SIM iPhone first emerged earlier this year, and now Apple’s own iOS 12 is backing up the reports. A new “iPhone X Plus” is rumored to include a 6.5-inch OLED display and dual-SIM support in certain regions. 9to5Mac reports that iOS 12 developer beta 5, released yesterday, includes references to dual-SIM support. The operating system even mentions a second physical SIM tray, meaning an iPhone with dual-SIM support might not be restricted to a single SIM tray and eSIM support.If the iOS 12 beta software is accurate, it wouldn’t be the first time Apple has revealed future hardware or software support in a beta operating system. Apple’s HomePod firmware revealed the iPhone X screen design, and beta builds of iOS 11 included...Continue reading…

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Zimbabwe is having its first-ever election without Robert Mugabe, after a wild campaign with fake promises about Trump and a bomb at a campaign rally

Philimon Bulawayo/ReutersMillions of Zimbabweans voted for a new president and parliament on Monday.It is the first election in the country's 38-year history which hasn't featured Robert Mugabe as a candidate.The main contenders for president are Emmerson Mnangagwa, the current president, and Nelson Chamisa, a former pastor.The election campaign has been wild: Mnangagwa survived an explosion at a campaign rally, and Chamisa lied about meeting Trump and had to apologize.
Vote-counting is underway in Zimbabwe, which is awaiting the conclusion of a wild election campaign which is the first in the nation's 38-year history not to feature Robert Mugabe.Millions of Zimbabweans voted for a new president and parliament on Monday, which could also see power shift from Mugabe's Zanu-PF party for the first time ever.

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Freshworks raises $100M

Freshworks, a company that offers a variety of business software tools ranging from IT management to CRM for sales and customer support software, today announced that it has raised a $100 million funding round co-led by Sequoia and Accel Partners, with participation from CaptialG.The company’s last funding round came in the form of a $55 million Series F round led by Sequoia in 2016. Today’s round brings the San Bruno-based company’s total funding to $250 million, at a valuation that’s now north of $1.5 billion, the company tells us. Freshworks also today noted that it now pulls in over $100 million in annual recurring revenue.In addition to the new funding, Freshworks also today announced that it has hired a former AppDynamics VP of finance and treasury Suresh Seshardi as its CFO. Seshardi helped AppDynamics prepare for its IPO, so it’s a fair bet that he’ll do the same at Freshworks. AppDynamics, of course, famously didn’t actually IPO but was instead acquired by Cisco only hours be…

Tractable is applying AI to accident and disaster appraisal

“Happy to spend 10 minutes on our vision and the journey we’re on, but then, really, 15 minutes on what we’ve got today, what it is we’ve achieved, what it is our AI does,” says Tractable co-founder and CEO Alexandre Dalyac when I video called him a couple of weeks ago. “You can probably speed up all of that,” I quip back.The resulting conversation, lasting well over an hour, spanned all of the above and more, including what is required to build a successful AI business and why he and his team think they can help prevent another “AI winter.”Founded in 2014 by Dalyac, Adrien Cohen and Razvan Ranca after going through company builder Entrepreneur First, London-based Tractable is applying artificial intelligence to accident and disaster recovery. Specifically, through the use of deep learning to automate visual damage appraisal, and therefore help speed up insurance payouts and access to other types of financial aid.Our AI has already been trained on tens of millions of these cases, so t…

Only one week left to apply for Startup Battlefield Latin America

Startups in Latin America, your time is running out. You have just one week to apply for the inaugural TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Latin America on November 8, 2018, in São Paulo, Brazil. The application page can be found here, and the deadline to fill out an application is Monday, August 6 at 5 p.m. PST.Just last week we were inBuenos Aires and Santiagoto speak with startups, VCs and accelerators aboutStartup Battlefield. Startup Battlefield is TechCrunch’s premier startup competition, which over the past 12 years has placed 750 companies on stage to pitch top VCs and TechCrunch editors. Those founders have gone on to raise more than $8 billion and produce more than 100 exits. Startup Battlefield Latin America aims to add 15 great founders from Latin America to those elite ranks.Here’s how Startup Battlefield Latin America works. TechCrunch editors with years of pitch-off experience review all eligible applications (more on eligibility in a moment) and select 15 finalists.Finalist…

EA launches premium subscription with latest Battlefield and Fifa

Video game company EA is slowly switching its business model to recurring subscriptions. The company just launchedOrigin Access Premier for $15 per month or $100 per year. This subscription is only available on PC.This isn’t EA’s first subscription. The company first launched EA Access on the Xbox One. For $5 per month or $30 per year, you can download a play old EA games as part of your subscription.EA Access doesn’t include the most recent games. But you can play the latest Fifa, Madden and Battlefield games a few months after their initial releases. Usually, EA Access games don’t include any DLC or extra content.In addition to full games, EA Access lets you try new EA games for 10 hours. You also get 10 percent off on EA digital purchases.In 2016, EA launched a similar service on PC for the same price. In addition to a collection of EA games, the company partnered with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and other game companies. You can find indie hits, such as The Witness, Oxe…

WhatsApp now allows group voice and video calls between up to 4 people

WhatsApp has added a much-requested new feature after it began to allow users to make group voice and video calls.It’s been just over three years since the company, which is owned by Facebook,introduced voice calls and later a video option one year later. Today, WhatsApp counts over 1.5 billion monthly users and it says they make over two billion minutes of calls via its service each day.Starting this week, callers can now add friends by hitting the “add participant” button which appears in the top right corner of their screen. The maximum number of participants is four and, impressively, WhatsApp said the calls are end-to-end encrypted.That’s not an easy thing to do. Telegram, a self-professed secure messaging app, hasn’t even gotten around to encrypting its group messaging chats, let alone group calls.On the encryption side, WhatsApp has long worked with WhisperSystems to cover all messages and calls on its platform from prying eyes and ears. That said, the relationship between the …

Pfizer beats and raises its earnings forecast (PFE)

REUTERS/Adam HungerPfizer reported adjusted earnings that topped Wall Street estimates thanks to strong sales of pneumonia vaccine Prevnar and arthritis drug Xeljanz.The drugmaker raised its adjusted earnings forecast, but lowered its revenue forecast.(Reuters) - U.S. drugmaker Pfizer Inc posted a better-than-expected quarterly profit on Tuesday, driven by higher sales of pneumonia vaccine Prevnar and arthritis drug Xeljanz.The company lowered its 2018 revenue expectation to between $53 billion and $55 billion, from $53.5 billion to $55.5 billion, due to a strengthening dollar.

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It looks like Facebook is working on a singing talent show feature for its app

NetflixFacebook is developing a talent show feature for its app where users sing a popular song and submit their rendition for review.The feature was spotted by engineer Jane Manchun Wong, who likened it both to Musically and an episode of "Black Mirror."Manchun Wong has a track record of uncovering upcoming features by reverse-engineering code.
Facebook has been developing a feature for its app which allows people to compete in a singing talent-show format.Engineer Jane Manchun Wong, who has a track record of uncovering upcoming features by reverse-engineering code, spotted the in-development feature, which she described as resembling "a cross between Musically and Fifteen Million Merits from Black Mirror."

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