How 11 highly successful business people keep themselves motivated every day

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Building a successful business and a life you love takes enormous self-discipline.

Top entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles share their top tips for mastering self-discipline so you don’t hit the "snooze button" on your goals and dreams.

1. Be patiently unwavering.

The Oracles

Gary Vaynerchuk, founder and CEO of VaynerMedia, four-time NYT-bestselling author of "Crushing It!":

Self-discipline is your only option if you want to win. People talk about wanting to win but aren’t willing to make the sacrifices necessary.

Maybe it’s hard-wiring, but there’s never been a situation when I thought that not being disciplined or wavering was in my best interests. When you’re fundamentally patient like me, it makes everything quite easy. Quit being antsy for stuff to happen so soon.

2. Do things others aren’t willing to do.

The Oracles

Grant Cardone, top sales expert and NYT-bestselling author; follow Grant on Facebook or YouTube:

Everyone has discipline, but many apply it to the wrong things: most people’s version of discipline is a learned collection of bad habits.

Instead, be disciplined about taking massive, constructive actions that’ll provide the greatest value to your life and business. There’s no easy way to "have" discipline; you need to have a hunger to succeed. Do the things that others won’t, so you can live the life others can’t.

3. Master your thoughts.

The Oracles

Peter Hernandez, president of brokerage (California) at Douglas Elliman; co-founder of Teles Properties:

Discipline starts in the mind. Pay attention and listen to yourself think. Capture and convert every negative or defeating thought into the exact opposite, and repeat until the empowering thought becomes the dominant one.

Ultimately, discipline affords you freedom from everything you don’t want: freedom from fear of failing, financial insecurity, unwanted pounds, emotional immaturity, and mental laziness. The greatest discipline is controlling your thoughts. Everything emanates from the mind.

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